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The recommended approach is to bet ALL horses to win that are equal to or at a longer price than The Whip’s prices. Often this could entail betting a 1 – 4 horses in a race to win at varying degrees of investment. This risk diversifying approach is preferred to each-way betting. The reasons are simple – The win only value approach works compared to the high risk strategy of 1 horse per race or the mathematically flawed each-way betting. We want members to spread their risk & not put all their eggs into a single (bet) basket.


The fun stuff


If you have around $2000 set aside as your Betting Bank (B/Bank) you would bet the amount recommended by us.  If it’s $4000 obviously double our recommended betting (Rec Bet) figure. Same applies when joining our SMS service i.e. our Rec. Bet (in Units) becomes the same value in $’s with $2000 B/Bank set aside. Your confidence can be shattered if you don’t have a conservative betting approach in place. Normally we recommend you bet to return around 5% ($100 of $2000 B/Bank) on each VALUE horse.


Where to bet


In a word – Everywhere or anywhere that you get the BEST price. This should mean having betting accounts with every competitive corporate bookmaker, TAB and betting exchange. With most offering generous inducements of matching deposits & Free Bet offers  – why not join. Check out Odds Comparison Websites where ALL the major bookmaker prices are provided. Most are instantly updated to keep you well & truly informed.

TAB’s also offer Fixed Price & Tote Price comparisons. These are worth checking out before you bet. There are often times when TAB/ Tote prices will be higher – some corporate bookies pay out whichever price is highest. It’s your money – so do your own research.


How do Prices work?


Bookmakers do their initial markets to around 125-140%. Technically this means that of each $125-$140 (bet) going thru their books they return $100 to the punter & pocket the difference. Not a bad return! This % figure will or should drop to around 110-118% come race time. Your job is to maximize the price that you get about The Whip selections. By comparison, The Whip does its own prices based on past historical performance ratings. We do our prices to 90%-95%. Meaning we’re being very tough on your behalf. Our aim is for every $90 you bet we should get a min. $100 back in your pockets.

Because our prices are unique to The Whip (we take no notice of any other opinions and go out of our way NOT to view, hear or read them) often members get a much larger return and their Betting Bank increases.


Risk Management


If you’re an adrenalin junkie and hooked on betting every race then please don’t join us. If you think we are going to make you a winner each and every week – please don’t join us. We are all about WINNING over the long term.  There are 1000’s of things that can go wrong in a horse race. Having a serious risk management strategy in place makes perfect sense when betting your hard earned on horse racing.

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