$30,646 First4 

Have you ever been advised by a Betting Service to bet on a horse at $126. Well Whip members did this past weekend. Most punters who don’t do their own homework follow the money trial. Their reasoning is that ‘Money Talks’. It’s true often enough but the money generally follows the top three in the original market leaving those outside these parameters to blow like the wind. That’s often where Whip members pick up their biggest wins.

WITH A PROMISE SMS sentBet 5 Units & Bank / Standout with 5,1,10,8,3,2,12,3,14 11,7 for 2nd 3rd & 4th in a Flexi-First4”  It was paying $126 on the TAB’s when they jumped in Fixed Betting. The win bet alone was super rewarding – to add a First4 into the mix was inspirational. Whip members must have been the only punters cheering on the longshot. Our Notes had this to say about the race  MIGHT THROW UP SURPRISE RESULT – BIG FIRST4 POSSIBLE’ 

$3,630 First4

CRYSTAL DREAMER  SMS sentBet 45 Units & Bank/Standout in First4 with 6,15,4,7,11,17,2,10,8,12,9,1. First4 paid $3,630 & $4.60 – Whip wanted $2.80 (our shortest priced fav. on the day) 

KARACATIS  SMS sent “Bet 9 Units. Paid $20.70.

Only 7 races for the day qualified for our members attention. More clear evidence why The Whip is Australia’s Most Profitable Ratings Service



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